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“The top ranked university in the world” *

The most #1 ranked graduate schools in the world *
– Law, Business, Medicine, Computer Science….

Most NCAA Championships (both team and individual titles)

Largest campus in the world

Alma Mater to Google, Nike, Tesla, Cisco, Nvidia, Schwab, Netflix, Hewlett Packard,
Yahoo, YouTube, Sun Microsystems, Instagram, Trader Joe’s, Victoria’s Secret …
totaling world’s 10th largest economy

Awarded best and winningest sports program nearly every year
since 1994 inception of Sports Directors’ Cup

Repeatedly win more gold in Olympics than most continents,
finishing as high as 4th and now 6th among countries

* Most often. Wall Street Journal-Times Higher Education; U.S. News & World Report

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A. Academics

1. __________ University again leads the country with the lowest acceptance rate of all universities, an admission rate of less than ___%. This is the lowest acceptance rate (e.g. highest rejection rate) of any university in history – again beating its own previous year’s all-time record for all universities, as it has done since 2012.

2. The New York Times has proclaimed: “ ____________University has become America’s “it” school, by measures that Harvard once dominated. It has had the nation’s lowest undergraduate acceptance rate …, it has topped the Princeton Review survey asking high school seniors to name their “dream college”; and year in and year out, it raises more money from donors than any other university.”

3. Stanford rejects what percentage of applicants with perfect SAT scores? __%

4. Four of every five students admitted to __________ University elect to enroll there over every other school to which they were selected, yet again maintaining the highest “yield rate” in collegiate history.

5. “The top institution for producing Nobel prizewinners this century is _______ University.” Among just its current faculty (not including those throughout its history), this leading university has how many Nobel Prize winners? _____

6. “With an exceptional student-to-professor ratio of better than ___ to 1, Stanford emphasizes close interaction with faculty.” Only research-intensive Cal Tech has a lower student to faculty ratio.

7. The Wall Street Journal’s inaugural study and rankings of universities “Times Higher Education” declared __________ as the #1 school in the country, the only school to be repeatedly ranked #1 therein since.

8. In its unprecedented study, The Wall Street Journal ranked __________ the #1 university in the world in which of the following major disciplines:
Technology, Engineering, Education, Computer Science, Business, Economics?

9. Academic leadership continues through Stanford graduate schools. In fact, according to the heralded U.S. News and World Report rankings, which of the following major graduate school programs at Stanford are ranked first or second nationwide (if not worldwide) in recent years?
Law School
Business School
Graduate School of Computer Science
Graduate School of Biological Science
Graduate School of Engineering
Graduate School of Mathematics
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Psychology
Graduate School of Arts and Humanities

10. Many of Stanford’s graduate programs admit only a fraction of the students of its rivals (e.g. Stanford Law School’s smaller entering class of only ____ (how many?) students is selectively (what fraction?) ____ that of Harvard), with SLS providing a much smaller student/professor ratio (7/1 v. Harvard’s 12/1).

11. Accordingly, the Law School most often ranked #1 in the world by the Wall Street Journal study is ________________.

12. Financial Times has also ranked Stanford Business School # ___ in the world. Of those admitted to both Stanford Business School and Harvard Business School, Stanford is chosen more than ___ times over Harvard.

13. Only ___% of applicants are admitted to Stanford Medical School, which provides an unrivaled __________ student/faculty ratio (with 6 Nobel laureate professors), in contrast to the likes of Harvard Medical School’s 13.3 to 1 student/faculty ratio.

14. The likes of such academic distinctions have earned Stanford the self-anointed, self-deprecating nickname: __________

B. Economic Success

President Obama at the Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit remarked:
“So here at Stanford, pioneers developed the protocols and architecture of the Internet, DSL, the first webpage in America, innovations for cloud computing. Student projects here became Yahoo and Google. Those were pretty good student projects. Your graduates have gone on to help create and build thousands of companies that have shaped our digital society — from Cisco to Sun Microsystems, YouTube to Instagram, StubHub, Bonobos. According to one study, if all the companies traced back to Stanford graduates formed their own nation, you’d be one the largest economies in the world, and have a pretty good football team as well.”

15. The study, titled “Stanford University’s Economic Impact via Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” finds that Stanford would be the ___ ranked economy in the world,
a) 80th
b) 50th
c) 30th
d) 10th

16. creating _____ in revenue … annually.
a) 112 billion
b) 356 billion
c) 789 billion
d) 2.7 trillion

17. “Although Stanford is best known for its contributions to Silicon Valley, the university’s influence stretches beyond high technology to include automaker Tesla Motors, financial companies like Charles Schwab and widely recognized consumer brands like Gap, Nike, Netflix and Trader Joe’s,” President Obama continued.
Other major companies that are Stanford-born and developed include: Tesla, Hewlett Packard, Nvidia, Victoria’s Secret, LinkedIn, PayPal, Netscape, Excite, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Juul. What other prominent companies can you add to the list? _____________.

18. In total endowments, Stanford is up to third and gaining fast on Harvard and Yale, which had a head start of 249 years and 167 years, respectively, on the newcomer of 1885. For how many years in a row had Stanford recently reaped the most among universities in annual endowments? _____

C. NCAA Athletics

19._________ leads all universities with how many national championships? ___ 

20. Stanford has long led the nation in individual NCAA championship titles, amassing ____ individual NCAA titles; well over 100 titles more than any other university (____ individual collegiate championships overall).

21. The Stanford Cardinal have also won more NCAA team championships that any other school: a total of ____, and has been doing so at an accelerating rate, ever widening the gap.

22. At least one Stanford team has won an NCAA championship during each of the last ____ years. This ongoing streak is the longest in NCAA history. The next longest NCAA championship streak of any university at any time is less than half, and the second longest active streak at any school is 3 years. This despite Stanford’s having a small fraction of the undergraduate enrollment of universities with whom they compete. During these recent decades no other school has won more than a small fraction of the number of Stanford’s NCAA championship team titles.

23. The Sports Directors’ Cup, awarded to “the most successful overall college sports program in the nation” each year (based on NCAA titles, national standing in each sport), had been recently won by Stanford ___ of 29 years.

24. The Capital One Cup gives extra weight to the high-profile sports (weighted by sport popularity), with separate trophies to men’s and women’s programs. Most every year ____________ wins a Capital One Cup, sometimes uniquely winning both men’s and women’s Cups, which it has recently done twice. No other school comes close to the number of Capital One Cups won by Stanford, currently ____.

25. Just since 2000, The Mighty Cardinal has captured a jaw-dropping _____ NCAA team championships, not to mention over a dozen more national team championships.

26. Stanford student-athletes have earned a nation-leading _____ (how many?) NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships, awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding performance in athletics, academics and community service.

27. Stanford shattered the record for most NCAA team titles in a year, only to thereafter match it. How many in a single year? ____

28. What do Tiger Woods, Andrew Luck, John McEnroe, Katie Ledecky, John Elway, Jim Plunkett, Tom Watson, Kerri Walsh and Janet Evans have in common?
Can you name any other athletic superstars who share this distinction? __________________

29. When was the last Ivy League game – in any sport – televised by a major network?

30. Since 1986, fans of Ivy League schools have witnessed all their football teams lose all their games to FBS opponents, until one 2014 game. True or false?

31. Which university has the most notorious “marching” band? ___________

32. Recount two incidents from its checkered past exemplifying how and why LSJUMB has gained this dubious distinction.

33. Featuring the most unusual of mascots, what is said school’s battle cry?
_______ _____ _______ !

D. Olympics

To gain perspective on the enormity of Stanford’s Olympics gold medal production:

34. Stanford won more gold in Rio than most of the 5 major continents represented in the five-ring Olympics banner (and this is not the first Olympics in which this feat has been achieved by this university). True or false?

35. If Nerd Nation were literally a nation, Stanford would rank _____ in the Rio gold medal count among all countries.
a) 40th
b) 25th
c) 17th
d) 6th

36. This is nothing new for the Cardinal, which, if a country, would have finished ___th in the 1992 Olympics gold medal count, and ___th in the 1996 Olympics gold count.

37. Stanford won more Rio gold than which of the following countries?
South Korea

38. In fact, the only countries that won more gold than Stanford in the Rio Olympics were: _______________________________________________________

39. True or false: Stanford’s Olympians won more gold medals in Rio than Argentina, Sweden, Serbia, Norway, Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, India, Finland, Ireland, Ethiopia, and the Czech Republic … combined.

40. Across a spectrum of 17 sports, Stanford led all universities with ______ athletes making Team USA and representing America in Rio.

41. With four gold medals and a silver in Rio, this Olympics superstar turned Cardinal won 5 individual NCAA titles and the Honda Cup as the year’s top collegiate female athlete in her freshman year: _____________________

42. Stanford athletes have won a total of 296 Summer Olympic medals, the majority of which are what color medal? __________

43. The 2016 Rio Games this same school garnered how many medals?

44. Boasting a school-record ___ Olympians with Cardinal ties, Stanford claimed ___ medals to lead all institutions at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

45. The Cardinal has produced at least one medalist in every Olympics in which the U.S. has competed since what year? _________.

E. Quality of Student Life

46. Which university has the largest campus (contiguous land acreage) in the world, with _______ acres, still mostly undeveloped, also offering the most acreage per student (lowest density) of any university in the world, affectionately called The ___________)?

47. True or false: Such acreage would cover most of Manhattan, from its southern tip below Freedom Tower all the way through Midtown and up into parts of the Upper East Side and West Side.

48. In addition to the wacky mascot, how many trees are on this gorgeous campus?

49. Almost half of all Stanford undergraduates receive need-based financial aid. Families earning less than $_______with assets typical of that income level pay no tuition. Families earning less than $_______ with assets typical of that income level pay no tuition or room and board. This free program has been provided by Stanford since 2008, when it became the first college to ever institute it.

50. True or false: Stanford’s unique leadership in academics and athletics offers its students a full collegiate experience, beyond the likes of the Ivy League or MIT.

51. In a related story, Stanford students also recognize that the weather back East ______.

Top University

Fun Facts Quiz

Cited Answers

  1. Answer: Stanford; under 4.0%;;; ;
  2. Stanford;
    “Dream college” of applicants and parents annually since 2013 (polls by Princeton Review).
    The New York Times
    “Harvard v. Stanford: America Has a New Dream College”
  3. 69%
    Then again, Stanford rejects over 96% of all applicants, so perfect scores clearly help.
  4. Stanford
    (a statistic that has reached such heights that the school plans to no longer publish it in deference to other schools)
  5. Stanford
    21 (Nobel laureates in current faculty)
  6. 5 (to 1 student/professor ratio, compare to a 7/1 ratio at Harvard)
  7. Stanford;!/page/1/length/25/locations/US/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats
  8. Stanford;
    #1 in all of them!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats In the likes of Engineering no Ivy League school is higher than tenth, and neither Harvard nor Yale can be found among the top two dozen schools.;
  9. All of them.
  10. 167 – 180; 1/3;
  11. Stanford Law School- #1 in the world.;!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats
  12. #1;
    2 ½ times; Only 22% choose Harvard; 56% choose Stanford (remaining 22% go elsewhere). “Why Stanford is Beating HBS Among Dual Admits” “Cool school beats old school.” There’s no BS like SBS! (Ask Phil Knight.)
  13. 1.4% (admitted)
    2 to 1 ratio;

    though another source indicates Harvard has only three times more medical students per professor than Stanford.
  14. “Nerd Nation”
  15. 10th largest economy
  16. d $2.7 trillion (then; higher now)
  17. Please add to list: ____.
  18. 13 million-donation-is-out-fundraising-all-other-schools/?utm_term=.45053ead081c
  19. Stanford has won 163 National Championships (as of 12/23)
  20. 552 individual NCAA titles (635 individual national titles overall) as of 1/24;;;;
  21. 136 NCAA team titles as of 7/24 (slightly more men titles than women);;; (< 8,000 students v. > 40,000 at the likes of Arizona State)
  22. 48 years;;
  23. 26, including a 25-year streak;;
  24. The Mighty Cardinal surpasses all competition with 10 Capital One Cups. The Capital One Cup is a multi-sport award given to a school to acknowledge athletic success across all sports. Several sports programs from higher-education institutions across the United States are pitted against each other, acquiring points throughout the school year based on how individual sports teams finish in national championships. Sports are divided into two groups based on popularity and pool of competition.;;;
  25. 60 NCAA crowns as of 6/2024; and over a dozen more national titles;
  26. 189 as of 7/23;;;
  27. 6 NCAA team titles in a single year,%2C%20tennis%20and%20water%20polo)
  28. All attended Stanford University.
  29. Trick question. If there were ever an Ivy League game of any public relevance, it predated the dawn of television.
  30. True. Yale’s overtime win v. Army (after Stanford had just trounced Army 35-0 on Sept. 13, 2014).
  31. Stanford: LSJUMB
  32. 1) Storming the field, culminating in the infamous French trombone collision at the end of the 1982 Big Game, during what many consider to be the greatest and most dramatic play in sports history, universally dubbed as simply “The Play.”
    2) “In 2004, the Band drew national attention and Mormon ire for joking about polygamy during a game against Brigham Young University. The Dollies appeared in wedding veils with the band manager kneeling and “proposing” to each in turn as the announcer referred to marriage as “the sacred bond that exists between a man and a woman… and a woman… and a woman… and a woman… and a woman.” [16] Subsequent to this televised “Tribute to Polygamy” the “band” was “banned” again by national networks.
  33. Fear the Tree!
  34. True.
    Brazil won 7 golds, Argentina 3 = 10 total for South America
    Australia won 8, New Zealand 4 and Fiji 1 = 13 total for Oceania
    Kenya won 6, South Africa 2, Ethiopia 1 and Cote d’Ivoire 1 = 10 for Africa
    Stanford won more gold (14 medals) than each of these three continents.
    See also 1996 Olympics.
  35. d 6th
  36. 9th in ’92 and 4th in ’96, with 17 golds, behind only USA, Russia and Germany.;
  37. All of them
  38. USA, China, Great Britain, Russia and Germany.
  39. True
  40. 29 (not including an additional 10 who competed for other countries)
  41. “Who is Katie Ledecky, Alex”
  42. Gold;
  43. 27 medals
  44. 57 Olympians, winning 26 medals, to lead all institutions at the 2020 Tokyo Games.
  45. At least one medalist in every Olympics since 1912.
  46. Stanford, with 8,183 contiguous acres;
    The Farm. (Lomonosov Moscow State University has the most floor space, though built vertically on much less land.
  47. True. Campus acreage would cover 57% of Manhattan’s 14,478 acres.
  48. Over 43,000 trees.
  49. $150,000; $100,000,tuition%20or%20room%20a nd%20board.
  50. True
    By contrast: “Student satisfaction at Harvard College ranks near the bottom of a group of 31 elite private colleges, according to an analysis of survey results that finds that Harvard students are disenchanted with the faculty and social life on campus.”
  51. blows!
    … distinct from The Farm’s wind of freedom: “Die Luft der Freiheit Weht.”

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